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Special Agent K-7


This obscure film from an obscure studio would be less boring if it featured a K-9 instead of a K-7.

Special Agent is a 1949 American film directed by William C. Thomas.


  • William Eythe as Johnny Douglas
  • Kasey Rogers as Lucille Peters
  • Paul Valentine as Edmond Devereaux
  • George Reeves as Paul Devereaux
  • Carole Mathews as Rose McCreary
  • Tom Powers as Chief Special Agent Wilcox
  • Raymond Bond (actor) as Sheriff Babcock
  • Frank Puglia as Grandfather Devereaux
  • Walter Baldwin as Pop Peters
  • Jeff York as Jake Rumpler
  • Virginia Christine as Mabel Rumpler
  • Robert Williams (actor born 1904) as Supt. Olmstead
  • Joseph Granby as Sheriff Dodson
  • Morgan Farley as Dr. Bowen
  • John Hilton (actor) as Frank Kent
  • Peter Miles (American actor) as Jake Rumpler Jr
  • Jimmy Hunt as Tim Rumpler
  • Arthur Stone (actor fl. 1940s) as Tad Miller
  • Truman Bradley (actor) as Narrator

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