Southward, Ho!


Reb soldiers Roy (Roy Rogers) and Gabby (George Hayes) return to Texas after the Civil War. The Union Colonel (Wade Boteler) they find in command is a fair man but his subordinate Captain (Arthur Loft) and his men are out to rob and cheat the Texans.

Southward Ho is a List of American films of 1939 United States film directed by Joseph Kane and starring Roy Rogers.


  • Roy Rogers as Roy
  • Lynne Roberts as Ellen Denbigh
  • George 'Gabby' Hayes as Gabby Whitaker
  • Wade Boteler as Colonel Denbigh
  • Arthur Loft as Captain Jeffries
  • Lane Chandler as Jim Crawford
  • Tom London as Union sergeant
  • Charles R. Moore as Skeeter
  • Ed Brady (actor) as Mears

Home media

On August 25, 2009, Alpha Video released Southward Ho on Region 0 DVD.<></>

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Joseph Kane

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