Songs and Saddles


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Songs and Saddles is a 1938 American film directed by Harry L. Fraser.


  • Gene Austin as Gene Austin
  • Lynne Berkeley as Carol Turner
  • Henry Roquemore as Lawyer Jed Hill
  • Walter Wills as Pop Turner
  • Ted Claire as Mark Bower
  • Joan Brooks as Lucy
  • Karl Hackett as Banker George Morrow
  • Charles King (actor) as Road boss Falcon
  • John Merton as Henchman Rocky Renaut
  • Candy Hall as Musician Slim
  • Coco Heimel as Musician Porky
  • John Elliott (actor) as Sheriff John Lawton
  • Ben Corbett as Henchman Sparks
  • Bob Terry as Henchman Klinker
  • Lloyd Ingraham as Judge Harrison


  • Gene Austin with Candy Hall and Coco Heimel - "Song of the Saddle" (Written by Gene Austin)
  • Gene Austin - "I'm Comin' Home" (Written by Gene Austin)
  • Gene Austin with Candy Hall and Coco Heimel - "I Fell Down and Broke My Heart" (Written by Gene Austin)
  • Gene Austin - "Why Can't I Be Your Sweetheart Tonight?" (Written by Gene Austin)
  • Gene Austin - "The Man From Texas" (Written by Gene Austin)

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