Song of Arizona


Gabby's ranch for wayward boys is in financial trouble. One of his boys, Chip (Tommy Cook) is hiding stolen money sent by his father the outlaw leader King Blaine (Lyle Talbot). After Blaine is killed, Chip decides to pay off Gabby's debt with this money, but trouble arises when the remaining gang members arrive looking for the loot

Song of Arizona is a List of American films of 1946 United States Western (genre) film directed by Frank McDonald (director) and starring Roy Rogers.


  • Roy Rogers as Roy Rogers
  • Trigger (horse) as Himself - Roy's Horse
  • George "Gabby" Hayes as Gabby Whittaker
  • Dale Evans as Clare Summers
  • Lyle Talbot as King Blaine
  • Tommy Cook (actor) as Chip Blaine
  • Johnny Calkins as Clarence
  • Sarah Edwards (Welsh actress) as Dolly Finnuccin
  • Tommy Ivo as Jimmy
  • Michael Chapin as Cyclops
  • Dick Curtis as Henchman Bart
  • Edmund Cobb as Sheriff Jim Clark
  • Tom Quinn (actor) as Henchman Tom
  • Noble 'Kid' Chissel as Henchman Jim
  • The Robert Mitchell Boy Choir as Boys at ranch
  • Bob Nolan as Ranch hand
  • Sons of the Pioneers as Ranch hands / Musicians


  • Roy Rogers with Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers - "Song of Arizona" (Written by John Elliot (songwriter) as Jack Elliott)
  • Roy Rogers with the Robert Mitchell Boys Choir - "When a Fellow Needs a Friend"
  • "Michael O'Leary O'Brien O'Toole" (Written by Gordon Forster)
  • "Did You Ever Get That Feeling in the Moonlight" (Written by Ira Schuster, Larry Stock and James Cavanaugh (songwriter))
  • "Round and Around - The Lariat Song" (Written by John Elliott as Jack Elliott)
  • "Way Out There" (Words and Music by Bob Nolan)
  • "Will You Be My Darling" (Written by Mary Ann Owens)
  • "Half a Chance Ranch" (Written by John Elliott as Jack Elliott)
  • "Mr. Spook Steps Out" (Written by John Elliott as Jack Elliott)

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