Son of the Navy


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Son of the Navy is a 1940 American comedy-drama film directed by William Nigh.
The film is also known as The Young Recruit in the USA.

Plot summary

Racing to his battleship the USS Florida, Chief Gunners Mate Mike Malone attempts to hitchhike to the Naval Base San Diego and runs into Tommy and his Cairn terrier Terry who are runaways from an orphanage.
The scheming Tommy gets the two a lift to the base. At the base and frightened of being discovered he's a runaway, Tommy meets Steve Moore, the daughter of a Chief Petty Officer (United States) and gives her the impression that Mike is his father, especially after Steve saw Tommy see Mike off. Steve spreads the word that Mike is a runaway father abandoning his child getting him in trouble with his ship's captain and fellow chief petty officers.


  • Jean Parker as Steve Moore
  • James Dunn (actor) as Chief Gunners Mate Mike Malone
  • Martin Spellman as Tommy
  • Terry (dog) as Terry
  • Selmer Jackson as Capt. Parker
  • William Royle as Chief Moore
  • Sarah Padden as Mrs. Baker, Landlady
  • Craig Reynolds (actor) as Brad Wheeler
  • Dave O'Brien (actor) as Chief Machinist's Mate
  • Gene Morgan as Burns
  • Charles King (actor) as Duke Johnson


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