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Sheriff of Tombstone


The mayor (Addison Richards) has sent for a gunslinger (Harry Woods) who, though appearing to clean up the town, is really to be the mayor's means of taking the town over. When Roy and Gabby (George Hayes) arrive in Tombstone, Roy is mistaken for the gunslinger.

Sheriff of Tombstone is a 1941 American Western (genre) film directed by Joseph Kane and starring Roy Rogers.


Lawman Brett Starr leaves his job in Dodge City to take up a sheriff's job in Tombstone, Arizona where his two brothers are. Brett finds out that the position has been offered to the unscrupulous lawman Shotgun Cassidy. Starr impersonates Shotgun and after he is appointed sheriff seeks to expose the corruptuion and wrongdoing of the town authorities.


  • Roy Rogers as Brett Starr
  • George "Gabby" Hayes as Judge Gabby Whittaker
  • Elyse Knox as Mary Carson
  • Addison Richards as Mayor Luke Keeler
  • Sally Payne as Queenie Whittaker, aka Queenie LaTour
  • Harry Woods (actor) as Shotgun Cassidy
  • Zeffie Tilbury as Granny Carson
  • Hal Taliaferro as A.J. Slade
  • Jay Novello as John Anderson / Joe Martinez
  • Jack Ingram (actor) as Bill Starr


  • Roy Rogers - "Ridin' On a Rocky Road"
  • Sally Payne, with Oscar Gahan (Piano) and Spade Cooley (Fiddle Player) - "Two-Gun Pete"
  • Sally Payne - "Don't Gamble With Romance"
  • Roy Rogers and George "Gabby" Hayes - "Sons of the Western Soil"

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