She Had to Choose


A young actress (Isabel Jewell) hits Hollywood determined to be a movie star and runs into a lot of roadblocks along the way.

She Had to Choose is a 1934 American film. It's a Romantic comedy film/ crime drama, set during The Depression, in California, directed by Ralph Ceder.

Plot summary

Sally Bates (Isabel Jewell) leaves Texas, headed for Hollywood, in the 30’s. She is tempted to take a job as a mechanic, with Pop (Arthur Stone (actor)), on the highway; but, presses on in to town.
She’s going to sleep in her old “Tin Lizzie”. But, after she saves Bill’s neck (Buster Crabbe), with her old six-shooter, during a botched hold-up. Bill (Buster Crabbe), takes her home, to live with his Mom, (Maidel Turner); and gives her a job at his drive-in restaurant.
Sally’s friendly and easy going manner is very popular, with the customers; but, Bill gets jealous when Jack (Regis Toomey), the reckless, younger brother of his Well to do girlfriend Clara (Sally Blane), starts paying Sally attention, following her around in his Roadster (automobile).
Sally is so humiliated, when Clara rips off the dress Jack gave her, at a nightclub, she ends up at his hotel room, married to Jack, after an ill-conceived night of drinking.
Bill arrives, in the morning, to confront the drunken Jack, and take Sally home; but, when Jack is so drunk, he trips, and smashes his head, killing himself; Bill is under investigation for murder of the wealthy socialite.


  • Buster Crabbe as Bill Cutler
  • Isabel Jewell as Sally Bates
  • Sally Blane as Clara Berry
  • Regis Toomey as Jack Berry
  • Maidel Turner as Mrs. Cutler
  • Fuzzy Knight as Wally
  • Arthur Stone (actor) as Pop
  • Edward Gargan as Higgins
  • Huntley Gordon as Attorney
  • Wallis Clark as District Attorney
  • Kenneth Howell as Announcer
  • Eddie Fetherston as Hold-Up Man
  • Max Wagner as Hold-Up Man


This was Isabel Jewell's first starring role.
A swimming sequence and advertising emphasized Buster Crabbe's Olympic Gold Medal, for free-style swimming, in the 1932 Summer Olympics.
A real drive-in barbecue restaurant was used, for some scenes.< name="tcm"></>

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