Sea Racketeers


J. Carrol Naish plays a slimy villain again; this time he's running a casino on a ship and smuggling furs past the Coast Guard.

Sea Racketeers is a 1937 American film directed by Hamilton MacFadden.

Plot summary


  • Weldon Heyburn as Chief Bos'n Mate Jim Wilson
  • Jeanne Madden as Patricia 'Pat' Collins
  • Warren Hymer as Mate 'Spud' Jones
  • Penny Singleton as Florence 'Toots' Riley
  • J. Carrol Naish as Harry Durant
  • Joyce Compton as Blondie
  • Charles Trowbridge as Maxwell Gordon
  • Syd Saylor as Henchman Weasel
  • Lane Chandler as Lt. Hays (radio voice) / Insp. L. McGrath
  • Benny Burt as Henchman Maxie
  • Ralph Sanford as Henchman Turk
  • Don Rowan as Henchman Lew
  • Bryant Washburn as Wilbur Crane


  • Penny Singleton (as Dorothy McNulty) "The Lady Wants To Dance"
  • Jeanne Madden - "What Do You Say?"
  • Jeanne Madden - "Let's Finish the Dream"
  • Jeanne Madden - "Even Since Adam and Eve"

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