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Saddle Mountain Roundup


An old man and his Chinese servant are in danager of becoming victims of the ruthless killer, "The Raven."

Saddle Mountain Roundup is a 1941 American film directed by S. Roy Luby, one of the Range Busters series.

Plot summary


  • Ray Corrigan as Crash Corrigan
  • John 'Dusty' King as Dusty King
  • Max Terhune as Alibi Terhune
  • Lita Conway as Nancy Henderson
  • Jack Mulhall as Dan Freeman (lawyer)
  • Willie Fung as Fang Way
  • John Elliott (actor) as 'Magpie' Harper
  • George Chesebro as Foreman Blackie Stone
  • Jack Holmes as Sheriff
  • Steve Clark (actor) as Jack Henderson
  • Carl Mathews as Bill (henchman at shack)
  • Elmer as Elmer, Alibi's Dummy
  • Harold Goodman as Cousin Harold (singing / comic ranch hand


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