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Roar of the Press


A newly wedded couple tries to get the scoop on fifth columnist.

Roar of the Press is a 1941 American film directed by Phil Rosen.

Plot summary

Married only a few hours, small-town girl Alice makes her first visit to New York with new husband Wally Williams, a hotshot reporter for the Globe.
A body falls from a building. Williams steals the identification and calls in the story to city editor MacEwen, who makes Wally follow it up. Reporters' wives warn Alice to expect this kind of thing.
A personal ad leads Wally to a second corpse. The police read about in the Globe and angrily haul Wally in for questioning. Alice's irritation grows, as does that of reporters from other newspapers at Wally's continued scoops.
Evildoers from an anti-American organization kidnap Wally, and when he won't reveal how he gets his information, they grab Alice as well. Sparrow McGraun runs a numbers racket but likes Wally better than these foreigners, so he saves the newlyweds. A grateful Wally gives this scoop to every paper except the Globe.


  • Jean Parker as Alice Williams
  • Wallace Ford as Wally Williams
  • Jed Prouty as Gordon MacEwan
  • Suzanne Kaaren as Angela Brooks
  • Harland Tucker as Harry Brooks
  • Evalyn Knapp as Evelyn
  • Robert Frazer as Louis Detmar
  • Dorothy Lee (actress) as Frances Harris
  • John Holland (actor born 1908) as Robert Mallon
  • Maxine Leslie as Mrs. Mabel Leslie
  • Paul Fix as 'Sparrow' McGraun
  • Betty Compson as Mrs. Thelma Tate
  • Matty Fain as Nick Paul
  • Eddie Foster (actor) as Fingers
  • Charles King (actor) as Police Lieutenant Homer Thomas
  • Frank O'Connor (actor born 1881) as Police Lieutenant Jim Hall
  • Dennis Moore (actor) as Henchman Toughy
  • Robert Pittard as Tommy, the Newsboy


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