Revenge of the Virgins

Bizarre nudie-cutie western from 1959. It appears to be without copyright notice and no renewal is listed, so it's doubly PD.

Revenge of the Virgins is a 1959 American Nudity in film film directed by Peter Perry Jr. aka Bethel Buckalew. It is a bizarre western nude film in which a tribe of toplessness female Indian warriors guard a treasure against trespassers.
The film is in the public domain because copyright was never claimed, or if it was, was not renewed.

Plot summary

Tenderfoot Burton and his wife join forces with an old prospector to search for the rich gold strike of which the old-timer claims to know. Along with a couple of no-account gunslingers, they ride deep into the mountains to find the gold, unaware that the treasure is guarded by an all-female tribe of deadly, beautiful, and topless Indians.


  • Charles Veltmann Jr. as Melvin Potter
  • Jodean Lawrence as Ruby Potter
  • Stanton Pritchard as Pan Taggart - the Gold Prospector
  • Hank Delgado as Bartender
  • Louis Massad as Mike Horton - a Gunslinger
  • Jewell Morgan as Golden Hord Guard #2
  • Ralph Cookson as Wade Condon - a Gunslinger
  • Betty Shay as Golden Hord Guard #3
  • Del Monroe as Curt - Young Deserter
  • Jan Lee as Golden Hord Guard #4
  • Hugo Stanger as Jones - Older Deserter
  • Nona Carver as Golden Hord Guard #5
  • Joanne Bowers as Yellow Gold
  • Ramona Rogers as Golden Hord Guard #6
  • Pat O'Connell (actor) as Golden Hord Guard #1

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