Renfrew On the Great White Trail


Death stalked Garou's Landing, in the Canadian frozen north, but who was the killer who murdered two men and left them huddled in the snow. Sergeant Renfrew (James Newill), of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, accompanied by his dog, Silver King (Silver King the Dog), and Kay Larkin (Terry Walker) the daughter of the man, Andrew Larkin (Robert Frazer) accused of the crime, sets out to solve the crime and bring the real killer to justice.

On the Great White Trail is a 1938 American film directed by Albert Herman.

Plot summary


  • James Newill as Sgt. Renfrew of the Royal Mounted
  • Terry Walker (actress) as Kay Larkin
  • Robert Frazer as Andrew Larkin
  • Richard Alexander (actor) as Doc Howe
  • Richard Tucker (actor) as Inspector Newcom
  • Bob Terry as Sergeant Kelly
  • Eddie Gribbon as RCMP Constable Patsy
  • Walter McGrail as Garou
  • Philo McCullough as Henchman Williams
  • Charles King (actor) as Henchman LaGrange
  • Juan Duval as Henchman Pierre
  • Victor Potel as Lyons
  • Silver King the Dog as King, Renfrew's Dog


  • James Newill - "Mounted Men" (Written by Betty Laidlaw and Robert Lively (screenwriter))
  • James Newill - "You're Beautiful" (Written by Lew Porter)
  • James Newill - "Je T'aime" (Written by Lew Porter and Bob Taylor)

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