Ramsbottom Rides Again


Cast Arthur Askey ... Bill Ramsbottom Glenn Melvyn ... Charlie Sid James ... Black Jake Shani Wallis ... Joan Ramsbottom Frankie Vaughan ... Elmer Betty Marsden ... Florrie Ramsbottom Jerry Desmonde ... Blue Eagle Sabrina ... Girl Danny Ross ... Danny Anthea Askey ... Susie Ramsbottom This film is said to be lost?? (obviously not since there is this copy) and this is the only known copy and the quality is very poor, but someone requested in the forums so here you go

Ramsbottom Rides Again is a 1955 British Western (genre) comedy film starring Arthur Askey as the title hero Bill Ramsbottom, with Sid James, pop singer Frankie Vaughan (in his movie debut)<></> and Campbell Singer in supporting roles.
It was included by John Howard Reid in his book Great Hollywood Westerns.<></>

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