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Prison Mutiny


Playboy Johnny Gray is framed and sent to prison after his stolen car is found at a holdup.

You Can't Beat the Law is a 1943 American film directed by Phil Rosen.
The film is also known as Prison Mutiny (American TV title).


  • Edward Norris as Johnny Gray
  • Joan Woodbury as Amy Duncan
  • Jack La Rue as Convict Cain, Prison-break Leader
  • Milburn Stone as Frank Sanders (new warden)
  • Charles Jordan as Rico Henchman Creeper
  • Kenneth Harlan as 1st Warden
  • Robert Homans as Prison Guard Duncan, Amy's Father
  • George Kamel as Rico Henchman Jumpy
  • Bryant Washburn as Attorney
  • Willy Castello as Rico, gang boss
  • Inna Gest as Patricia Bedford
  • Selmer Jackson as Attorney
  • Paul McVey as Wayne, death row inmate
  • Tris Coffin as Gang Lawyer

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