Prison Break


Movie depicting wronfully accused man who is put in prison.

Prison Break is a 1938 American film directed by Arthur Lubin.


A fisherman confesses to a murder he didn't commit in order to protect a good friend, whom he believes did commit it. Once in prison he determines to keep out of trouble and win his parole, but a tough convict is just as determined to make things difficult for him.


  • Barton MacLane as Joaquin Shannon
  • Glenda Farrell as Jean Fenderson
  • Paul Hurst (actor) as Soapy
  • Constance Moore as Maria Shannon, Joaquin's sister
  • Edward Pawley as Joe Fenderson
  • Edmund MacDonald as Chris Nelson, Maria's bridegroom
  • Ward Bond as Big Red Kincaid
  • Guy Usher as Warden
  • Victor Kilian as Old Man Fenderson
  • Frank Darien as Cappy, Joaquin's cell-mate
  • George Cleveland as Ding, fisherman with Joaquin
  • Johnny Russell (actor) as Jackie, Jean's son previous marriage
  • Thomas Louden as The Priest
  • Paul Everton as Judge at Joaquin's trial

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