Postmark for Danger

A British mystery/suspense drama which costars Terry Moore. NOTE: This film is in the public domain. The copyright notice at the end refers to content not included here. Directed by Guy Green. UK release 1955. US release 1956. a.k.a. "Portrait of Alison" Complete print (US version)

Portrait of Alison is a 1956 UK atmospheric crime film directed by Guy Green (filmmaker). It was based on a BBC television series Portrait of Alison (television series) which aired the same year. In the United States the film was released as Postmark for Danger.


The film opens with a car plunging over a cliff in Italy. The killed driver is newspaperman Lewis Forrester. The woman with him is supposedly Alison Ford, an actress. But she wasn’t actually in the car and turns up later in England to try and solve what was in truth a murder to shut the newspaper man up, not an accident. She solicits the help of Forrester's brother, Tim, an artist. Then, as the story unfolds, a number of mysterious, unsolved questions keep emerging, along with two more murders and a suicide. And before it's over it has been learned that an international ring of diamond thieves is at the bottom of everything, that no less than four of the major characters are part of it, and that an independent blackmailer is at work as well.


  • Terry Moore (actress) as Alison Ford
  • Robert Beatty as Tim Forrester
  • William Sylvester as Dave Forrester
  • Geoffrey Keen as Inspector Colby
  • Josephine Griffin as Jill Stewart
  • Allan Cuthbertson as Henry Carmichael
  • Henry Oscar as John Smith
  • William Lucas (actor) as Reg Dorking
  • Terence Alexander as Fenby

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