Perils of the Jungle


On an African safari with his friend Grant (Stanley Farrar), Clyde Beatty plans to buy some black-maned Numbian lions from Jo Carter (Phyllis Coates) but her animals are wiped out by a fire. Despite interference by rival dealer Gorman (John Doucette), who hopes to ruin Jo, Beatty saves her business by helping her to capture an adult gorilla

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Perils of the Jungle is a 1953 Cinema of the United States black and white adventure film directed by George Blair (director), featuring animal trainer and circus impresario Clyde Beatty and Phyllis Coates, known for her roles in serials and "B" films. Perennial "heavy" John Doucette also appeared in the film.


In order to save them from extinction, explorer Grantland Cunningham (Stanley Ferrar) engages animal trainer Clyde Beatty to accompany him to Africa to capture a few of the last known Nubian lions. The pair run afoul of hunters led by Gorman (John Doucette) who wish to kill rather than capture the big cats. Beatty and Cunningham are aided in their quest by humanitarian Jo Carter (Phyllis Coates).
Gorman is nearly killed by a gorilla and when Clyde saves him, he offers to help find lions. The expedition to Southern Rhodesia takes the two men into dangerous tribal areas. After a series of dangerous encounters, both Clyde and Grant make it back to safety, vowing to set out on more adventures in the future.


  • Clyde Beatty as Clyde Beatty
  • Phyllis Coates as Jo Carter
  • John Doucette as Gorman
  • Leonard Mudie as Grubbs
  • Roy Glenn as Korjah
  • Olaf Hytten as Mac
  • Stanley Farrar as Grantland Cunningham
  • Joel Fluellen as Kenny
  • Tudor Owen as Commissioner
  • Shelby Bacon as Boy King
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Perils of the Jungle was first released March 3, 1953. In 2006, the film was released by St Clair Vision as part of a 3-disk compilation titled, King of Kong Island and Other Ape Flicks and in 2009, by Alpha Video as a single.< name="Rovi"/>


Hal Erickson (author) of Rovi Corporation noted that the film "looks suspiciously like two half-hour TV pilots strung together." < name="Rovi"></>

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