Park Avenue Logger


Millioniare Curran (Lloyd Ingraham), thinking his son (George O'Brien) too intellectual, sends him west to learn logging at one of his lumber camps. Unknown to his father, Grant Curan is a professional wrestler and easily able to handle the thugs that attack him at the lumber camp. This enables him to stay on the job and he soon reveals how his father is being cheated by the local boss.

Park Avenue Logger is a 1937 American film directed by David Howard (director).
The film is also known as Millionaire Playboy in the United Kingdom and Tall Timber (American reissue title).

Plot summary

Differences from source

The original story "Park Avenue Logger" was published in The Saturday Evening Post on 30 November 1935.


  • George O'Brien (actor) as Grant Curran
  • Beatrice Roberts as Peggy O'Shea
  • Willard Robertson as Ben Morton
  • Ward Bond as Paul Sangar
  • Bert Hanlon as Nick
  • Gertrude Short as Margy MacLean
  • Lloyd Ingraham as Mike Curran
  • George Rosener as Matt O'Shea
  • Robert Emmett O'Connor as Police Sergeant
  • Brother Jonathan as Wrestler

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