Night Time in Nevada


Twenty years earlier Farrell (Grant Withers) killed his mining partner Andrews. Now Andrews daughter (Adele Mara) arrives to get her father's trust fund. Farrell having rustled Roy's cattle now takes her money from her Lawyer and lets her overhear false information of their next rustling job. With the posse at the wrong location, his men attack the cattle train and Roy on board find himself greatly outnumbered.

Night Time in Nevada is a List of American films of 1948 United States film directed by William Witney and starring Roy Rogers.

Plot summary


  • Roy Rogers as Roy Rogers
  • Trigger as Trigger, Roy's Horse
  • Adele Mara as Joan Andrews
  • Andy Devine as Cookie Bullfincher
  • Grant Withers as Ran Farrell
  • Marie Harmon as Toni Borden
  • Joseph Crehan as Engineer Casey
  • George M. Carleton as Attorney Jason Howley
  • Holly Bane as Henchman Mort
  • Steve Darrell as Tramp
  • James Nolan as Jim Andrews
  • Hank Patterson as Tramp
  • Bob Nolan as Musician / Cowhand
  • Sons of the Pioneers as Musicians / Cowhands


  • Sons of the Pioneers - "Over Nevada" (Written by Tim Spencer)
  • Roy Rogers - "The Big Rock Candy Mountain" (Written by Harry McClintock)
  • Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers - "Night-Time In Nevada" (Written by Will E. Dulmage, Clint H. O'Reilly and Richard W. Pascoe)
  • Sons of the Pioneers - "Sweet Laredo Lou" (Music by Bob Nolan, lyrics by Ed Morrisey)

Home media

On August 25, 2009, Alpha Video released Night Time in Nevada on Region 0 DVD.<></>

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