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Fairly standard "white heiress who was lost in the jungle as an infant, but turns out to be a goddess to local tribe of natives" adventure. The white goddess in this case is the highly decorative Julie London, she's found by Buster Crabbe, and maintains her power via her control of an ape(suit), Nabonga. There is a bit of a twist on the standard story - instead of needing to find her to secure her fortune, her father was the crook, and Crabbe is looking to return some of the loot that he stole. Mostly lackluster. The MP4 and the Matroska (MKV) files were derived from the MPEG2 file found here. The Matroska is a Theora file with Vorbis sound, but Handbrake wouldn't let me put it in an OGG container for some reason.

Nabonga is a Producers Releasing Corporation film made in 1943 starring Buster Crabbe and in her debut, Julie London. It was retitled Jungle Woman in the British Empire.


T. F. Stockwell (Herbert Rawlinson) steals the money and jewelry contents of safe deposit boxes of the bank he works at in Cairo. He flees south in a private plane with his young daughter Doreen (Jackie Newfield, daughter of the director) and the pilot. Brought down in the jungle during a storm, the three survive the crash but Rawlinson murders the pilot when he sees the stolen loot. Whilst exploring the surroundings, Doreen finds a gorilla (Ray Corrigan) wounded and left for dead by members of a safari.
Years pass when Ray Gorman (Buster Crabbe) comes to the area on the fringes of the jungle where the plane crashed. Bar owner Carl Hurst (Barton MacLane) and his female associate Marie (Fifi D'Orsay) spy on Gorman to see what he's up to.
Gorman's father was head of the bank that Stockwell worked for and robbed; when Gorman's father was blamed for the theft he committed suicide. Gorman is out to recover the loot from the plane crash to clear his father's name. When Gorman saves Hurst's servant Tobo (Prince Modupe) from being murdered by another African (Fred Toones), Tobo confides in Gorman that there is a white witch in the jungle who legend has it came from the sky. Gorman realises that this could be a erence to Stockwell's plane crash and disappearance. Tobo offers to lead Gorman to the area whilst Hurst and Marie secretly follow.
The "white witch" is the grown up Doreen (Julie London) living with her gorilla named Samson who protects her; her father having disappeared in the jungle.


Guinea born Prince Modupe according to his autobiography I Was a Savage/Royal African was a Hollywood technical advisor on African films He gives not only a highly sympathetic portrayal of an African, but one who is a friend rather than a servant of Crabbe. In addition to fighting men and a crocodile, Crabbe displays amusing Bob Hope type comedy when frightened by Julie London's killer gorilla.


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