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In the War of 1812, an American ship carrying $10 million in gold is mutinied and the Captain is set adrift.

Mutiny is a 1952 American film directed by Edward Dmytryk. It was produced by the King Brothers Productions and based on a story by Hollister Noble; the two parties also collaborating on Drums in the Deep South.

Plot summary

During the War of 1812, Captain James Marshall has to run the blockade enforced by the British in order to collect a war loan obtained from France. His first mate is Ben Waldridge, who is a former Royal Navy captain cashiered by the navy. Waldridge brings his former gun crew along and as soon as they realize that there's gold coming on board, they plot mutiny. Leslie, Waldridge's gold-loving former sweetheart, arrives at the same time.


  • Mark Stevens (actor) as Capt. James Marshall
  • Angela Lansbury as Leslie
  • Patric Knowles as Capt. Ben Waldridge
  • Gene Evans as Hook
  • Rhys Williams (actor) as Redlegs
  • Robert Osterloh as Feversham, gunner
  • Peter Brocco as Sykes, gunner
  • Emerson Treacy as Council Speaker
  • Morris Ankrum as Capt. Radford
  • Todd Karns as Andrews


  • "A-Rovin'" (Traditional sea shanty)
  • "Sailor's Holiday" (Traditional sea shanty)

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Frank King, Maurice King

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