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Murder on Lenox Ave.


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Murder on Lenox Avenue is a 1941 American film directed by Arthur Dreifuss.

Plot summary

In 1941 Harlem,New York City Apartments Some one gets framed for a murder.


  • Mamie Smith as Hattie
  • Alec Lovejoy as Flivver Johnson
  • Norman Astwood as Mr. Marshall
  • Augustus Smith (actor) as Pa Wilkins
  • Alberta Perkins as Mercedes
  • Edna Mae Harris as Singer
  • Sidney Easton as Speed Simmons
  • Dene Larry as Ola Wilkins
  • Ernie Ransom as Jim Bracton
  • Earl Sydnor as Gregory
  • Herman Green as Lomax
  • George Williams (actor) as Montoute
  • Cristola Williams as Rosalia
  • Emily Santos as Emily
  • Flo Lee as Flo
  • Wahneta San as Wahneta


  • Alberta Perkins - "Hot Pies" (Written by Donald Heywood)
  • Wahneta San - "I'm Trying to Forget You" (Written by Donald Heywood)
  • Mamie Smith with Sidney Easton - "I'll Get Even With You" (Written by Donald Heywood)
  • Wahneta San with Alec Lovejoy - "What You Know About That?" (Written by Donald Heywood)

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Arthur Dreifuss

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