Missouri Traveler


Brandon De Wilde plays a runaway orphan in a story set in the early 20th century. Lee Marvin has a prominent role. Unfortunately, there was a continuous logo or watermark that had to be obscured.

The Missouri Traveler is a 1958 United States coming-of-age period piece drama film directed by Jerry Hopper starring Brandon deWilde and Lee Marvin.


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Brandon deWilde leads a cast lengthy in character actors playing subdued Byron Turner, a 15-year-old runaway from the Eatondale Orphan Asylum bound for Florida in the pre-World War I time period. He receives a ride into the rural Missouri town of Delphi with rich land-owner Tobias Brown (Lee Marvin). There, after an episode in the town square involving most of the populace, he meets crusty newspaper man Doyle Magee (Gary Merrill).
Both of these men share an interest in the polite and mature youth; one showing kindness, the other almost outright cruelty. Eventually, both of their reasonings become clear to the lad. At the same time, the whole town of Delphi comes to not only accept Byron, but to embrace him as one of the town's own and his dream of becoming a farmer.
Highlights include a turn of the 20th century small-town Independence Day (United States) celebration with a horse-trotting race and a head-to-head between Magee and Brown.


  • Brandon deWilde as Biarn Turner
  • Lee Marvin as Tobias Brown
  • Gary Merrill as Doyle Magee
  • Paul Ford as Finas Daugherty
  • Mary Hosford as Anna Love Price
  • Ken Curtis as Fred Mueller
  • Cal Tinney as Clyde Hamilton Baker
  • Frank Cady as Willie Poole
  • Mary Field as Nelda Hamilton
  • Kathleen Freeman as Serena Poole
  • Will Wright (actor) as Sheriff Peavy
  • Tom Tiner as Reverend Thomdyke
  • Bill Bryant as Henry Craig
  • Barry Curtis as Jimmy Price
  • Eddie Little as "Red" Poole
  • Roy Jenson as Simpson

Home media

No less than six different releases of The Missouri Traveler were produced on VHS. Similarly, several DVD versions were released over the years, mainly as an inclusion in a multiple film "family pack". Presently, The Missouri Traveler is available in Region 0 DVD through Reel Enterprises and video on demand in standard non-widescreen VHS conversion format.

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