Master Touch


Un Uomo da rispettare A heist film with an outrageous car chase. For more info on this film see its entry

The Master Touch (Italian: Un uomo da rispettare) is a 1972 in film Italian / West German crime film directed by Michele Lupo starring Kirk Douglas and Florinda Bolkan.<></>
The film is also known as A Man to Respect in the Philippines and the USA.

Plot summary

Steve Wallace, a safe cracker, has just been released from prison. He attempts one last burglary with the help of a circus gynmast in Germany.


  • Kirk Douglas as Steve Wallace
  • Giuliano Gemma as Marco
  • Florinda Bolkan as Anna
  • Wolfgang Preiss as Miller
  • Reinhard Kolldehoff as Detective Hoffman
  • Romano Puppo as Miller's Lieutenant
  • Bruno Corazzari as Eric
  • John Bartha as Murdered Security Guard
  • Allen Stanley
  • Vittorio Fanfoni
  • Luigi Antonio Guerra

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