Manhattan Merry-Go-Round


Leo Carrillo turns in a hilarious performance as mob boss Tony Gordoni, who takes over a New York record company and proceeds to strong-arm singing stars into signing with the label.

Manhattan Merry-Go-Round is a 1937 American film directed by Charles Reisner. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Academy Award for Best Art Direction by John Victor Mackay.< name="NY Times"></>
The film is also known as Manhattan Music Box in the United Kingdom.

Plot summary


  • Phil Regan (actor) as Jerry Hart
  • Leo Carrillo as Tony Gordoni
  • Ann Dvorak as Ann Rogers
  • Tamara Geva as Madame "Charlie" Charlizzini
  • James Gleason as Danny The Duck
  • Ted Lewis (musician) and His Orchestra as Themselves
  • Cab Calloway and His Cotton Club Orchestra as Themselves
  • Kay Thompson and Her Ensemble as Themselves
  • Joe DiMaggio as Himself - the Baseball Player
  • Henry Armetta as Spadoni
  • Luis Alberni as Martinetti, the Impresario
  • Max Terhune as Himself, Alibi - the Ventriloquist
  • Smiley Burnette as Frog - Accordion Player
  • Louis Prima and His Band as Themselves
  • Gene Autry as Himself - the Cowboy Star
Louis Prima, Jack Adair, Dorothy Arnold (actress), Stanley Blystone, Hal Craig, Gennaro Curci, Virginia Dabney, Anna Demetrio, Neal Dodd, Ralph Edwards, Elmer], Sam Finn, Al Herman, Jack Jenney and His Orchestra, Selmer Jackson, Jack Jenney, Eddie Kane, Joe King (actor), The Lathrops, Whitey's Lindy Hoppers, Frankie Marvin, Nellie V. Nichols, Moroni Olsen, Bob Perry (actor), Al Rinker, Rosalean and Seville, Gertrude Short and Thelma Wunder] also appear.


  • "Manhattan Merry-Go-Round" (Music by

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