Love Is Forever (1983)

The true story of an Australian news photographer and his heroic rescue of the girl he loves from a country torn by war and tyranny. Mystic Nights Videos

Love Is Forever or Comeback is a 1982 film based on the experiences of Australian journalist John Everingham in Laos and Thailand. It was written, directed and co-produced by Hall Bartlett and co-produced by Michael Landon who played the lead role in the film. Filmed in Thailand, it was released outside the United States in cinemas under the title of Comeback or Passion and Valor and shown first in America on television.


Following the Pathet Lao takeover of Laos, Australian journalist John Everingham is originally sympathetic but then feels the nation is turning into a police state. General Siegfried Kaplan an East Germany advisor to the Pathet Lao secret police has noticed that Western newsagencies are receiving revealing news stories that could only have been provided by insiders in the Government. Kaplan vows to plug the security leaks and identify and eliminate the sources of the stories.
According to the film, Everingham is the last Western journalist remaining in Laos. To gather information the General assigns the attractive Keo Sirisomphone to befriend and spy on Everingham. The two fall in love. Everingham is arrested but rather than executed or imprisoned he is exiled to Thailand.
Evernigham vows to return to Laos to rescue Keo by learning how to Scuba diving in the Mekong River and bring her to Thailand.


John Everingham's account of his exploits


  • Michael Landon as John Everingham
  • Laura Gemser as Keo Sirisomphone (as Moira Chen)
  • J├╝rgen Prochnow as General Siegfried Kaplan
  • Edward Woodward as Derek McBracken
  • Priscilla Presley as Sandy Redford

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