Life Returns


A doctor (Onslow Stevens) who has spent his career working on ways to revive the dead sees his chance to prove his theory by performing his procedures on a recently deceased dog.

Life Returns is a 1935 American film directed by Eugene Frenke and James P. Hogan (director) and released by Universal Pictures.


A doctor who is convinced that the dead can be brought back to life gets the chance to prove his theory on a dog that has recently died.


  • Onslow Stevens as Dr. John Kendrick
  • George P. Breakston as Danny Kendrick
  • Lois Wilson (actress) as Dr. Louise Stone
  • Valerie Hobson as Mrs. Kendrick
  • Stanley Fields (actor) as Dog Catcher
  • Frank Reicher as Dr. James
  • Richard Carle as A.K. Arnold
  • Dean Benton as Intern
  • Lois January as Nurse
  • Richard Quine as Mickey
  • Maidel Turner as Mrs. Vandergriff
  • George MacQuarrie as Judge
  • Otis Harlan as Dr. Henderson
  • Robert E. Cornish as Himself
  • Mario Margutti as Cornish's Assistant
  • William Black (actor) as Cornish's Assistant
  • Ralph Colmar as Cornish's Assistant
  • Roderic Krider as Cornish's Assistant

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