Law of the 45s


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The Law of 45's is a 1935 American Western (genre) film directed by John P. McCarthy. The film is also known as The Mysterious Mr. Sheffield in the United Kingdom. Two of the characters, Tucson and Stoney, would later appear played with different actors in the Republic Pictures western series The Three Mesquiteers.


  • Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams as Tucson "Two-Gun" Smith
  • Molly O'Day as Joan Hayden
  • Al St. John as Stoney Martin
  • Ted Adams (actor) as Gordon Rontell
  • Lafe McKee as Charlie Hayden (Joan's Father)
  • Fred Burns as Sheriff Tom
  • Curley Baldwin as Deputy Bill
  • Martin Garralaga as Joe Sanchez (Rontell's Gunman)
  • Broderick O'Farrell as Sir Henry Sheffield
  • James Sheridan as Henchman Toral
  • Glenn Strange as Monte (Hayden Wrangler)

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