Kismet (1943)

Indian cinema's first real blockbuster film. Released in 1943, the movie is therefore now out of copyright according to Indian and other international copyright laws. Kismet produced by Bombay Talkies and directed by Gyan Mukherjee has Ashok Kumar, Mumtaz Shanti and Shah Nawaz in lead roles. This film was the first successful Indian film with an anti-hero and also the first to feature a double role. It had music by Anil Biswas and lyrics by Kavi Pradeep.

Kismet is a 1943 Indian film, written and directed by Gyan Mukherjee and produced by Bombay Talkies during the second world war period, According to the numbers, it has been given the status of All-Time Blockbuster. In the decade of the 1940s, this movie made the most money. Its net gross came to Rs.10 million in 1943, which in today's date is equivalent of Rs.632 million. This record was beaten in 1949 by Box Office India reported that the film collected a nett gross of (which amounts to if adjusted for inflation) and declared the film as an "All Time Blockbuster".<></>

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