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Jungle Siren


Two Americans with the free French played by Buster Crabbe and Paul Bryar are sent to Carraby, a small village in Africa to build an airfield. They have to contend with restless natives under the influence of the evil Chief Schlangi (Jess Lee Brooks) who is in turn controlled by a married couple (Arno Frey and Evelyn Wahl) that are Nazi agents. The Nazis want to take this area for themselves and plan on stopping the two Americans sent there. Ann Corio as Kuhlaya, the white woman brought up by natives after Chief Schlangi killed her parents, joins the fight against the Nazis

Jungle Siren is a 1942 American film directed by Sam Newfield.

Plot summary


  • Ann Corio as Kuhlaya
  • Buster Crabbe as Captain Gary Hart
  • Evelyn Wahl as Frau Anna Lukas
  • Paul Bryar as Sergeant Mike Jenkins
  • Milton Kibbee as Dr. Thomas Harrigan
  • Arno Frey as Herr George Lukas
  • Jess Lee Brooks as Chief Selangi
  • Manart Kippen as Major Renault - Commandant
  • James Adamson as Johnny - a Native
  • Greco as Greco, a Chimp


  • Ann Corio - "Song of the Jungle" (Written by Johnny Lange and Lew Porter)

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