Jesse James' Women


Jesse James (Don 'Red' Barry) proves irresistible to women in a Mississippi town....this spells trouble.

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Jesse James' Women is a 1954 American film starring as well as directed, co-produced and co-written by Don "Red" Barry, who portrays Jesse James. The supporting cast features Peggie Castle and Jack Buetel.

Plot summary

Jesse James is posing as a rancher whilst his gang is laying low. He uses various women to plan his robberies.


  • Don "Red" Barry as Jesse James
  • Peggie Castle as Waco Gans
  • Jack Buetel as Frank James
  • Lita Baron as Delta
  • Joyce Barrett as Caprice Clark
  • Betty Brueck as Cattle Kate Kennedy
  • Laura Lea as Angel Botts
  • Sam Keller as Cole Younger
  • T.V. Garraway as Preacher
  • Michael Carr (actor) as Robert Ford (outlaw)
  • Alton Hillman as Champ O'Toole
  • Curtis Dossett as Banker Clark
  • Jimmie Hammons as Sheriff Clem Botts
  • Mac McAllister as Ace, O'Toole's Manager
  • Frank Cunningham (actor) as Pete
  • James Clayton (actor) as Cameo Kane


  • Don "Red" Barry - "Careless Lover" (Music and lyrics by George Antheil)
  • "In the Shadows of My Heart" (Written by Stan Jones (songwriter))

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