I Love Trouble


A noirish detective yarn. The script is by Roy Huggins. Please be aware that the video quality is poor.

File:I Love Trouble (1948) 1.jpg, Janet Blair and Franchot Tone}}}
I Love Trouble (1948) is a film noir written by Roy Huggins from his first novel The Double Take, directed by S. Sylvan Simon, and starring Franchot Tone as Stuart Bailey.<></><></><></> The character of Stuart Bailey was later portrayed by Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. in the television series 77 Sunset Strip.<></>


A wealthy man, Ralph Johnston, hires detective Stuart Bailey to investigate his wife's background. Bailey discovers that the wife had been a dancer under her maiden name of Jane Breeger and had left her home town with actor Buster Buffin. Buffin tells that Jane changed her name to Janie Joy and enrolled in UCLA. He promised more information but is killed before Bailey can question him further.
With the help of a showgirl, Bailey learns that the wife had used stolen papers from a girlfriend to enter college after she stole $40,000 from the club where she worked. The detective eventually learns that Johnston had killed his wife when he had himself discovered her past, in order to avoid a scandal, and that he had hired the detective in order to frame him for the killing


  • Franchot Tone as Stuart Bailey
  • Janet Blair as Norma Shannon
  • Janis Carter as Mrs. Caprillo aka Jane Breeger aka Janie Joy
  • Adele Jergens as Boots Nestor
  • Glenda Farrell as Hazel Bixby
  • Steven Geray as Keller
  • Tom Powers as Ralph Johnston
  • Lynn Merrick as Mrs. Johnston
  • John Ireland (actor) as Reno
  • Eduardo Ciannelli as John Vega Caprillo
  • Robert Barrat as Lt. Quint
  • Raymond Burr as Herb
  • Arthur Space as Sgt. Muller

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