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Haunted Ranch


The Range Busters and the bad guys race to find hidden gold bullion at a haunted ranch.

Haunted Ranch is a 1943 American film directed by Robert Emmett Tansey, one of the entries in the Range Busters series.


  • John "Dusty" King as Dusty King
  • Dave Sharpe as Davy Sharpe
  • Max Terhune as Alibi Terhune
  • Elmer as Elmer - Alibi's Dummy
  • Julie Duncan as Helen Weston
  • Glenn Strange as Rance Austin
  • Charles King (actor) as Henchman Chuck
  • Bud Osborne as Henchman Ed
  • Rex Lease as Deputy Rex Lease
  • Fred Toones as Sam
  • Budd Buster as Sheriff
  • Tex Palmer as Henchman Danny
  • Steve Clark (actor) as Marshal Hammond


  • John "Dusty" King - "Where the Prairie Hills Meet the Sky" (Words and Music by John "Dusty" King as John King)

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