Harmony Lane


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Harmony Lane is a 1935 low budget American film directed by Joseph Santley, based upon the life of Stephen Foster, released by Mascot Pictures.
This was the first sound film based on the life of the famous composer. Two others would follow, both in color: Swanee River (film) (1939) (the most elaborate and largest budgeted of the three), and I Dream of Jeanie (film) (1952).

Plot summary


  • Douglass Montgomery as Stephen Foster
  • Evelyn Venable as Susan Pentland
  • Adrienne Ames as Jane McDowell
  • Joseph Cawthorn as Professor Henry Kleber
  • William Frawley as Edwin P. 'Ed' Christy
  • David Torrence as Mr. Pentland
  • Gilbert Emery as Mr. Foster
  • Lloyd Hughes as Andrew Robinson
  • Al Herman (actor) as Tambo
  • Cora Sue Collins as Marian Foster
  • James Bush (actor) as Morrison Foster
  • Edith Craig as Henrietta Foster
  • Florence Roberts as Mrs. Foster
  • Ferdinand Munier as Mr. Pond
  • Clarence Muse as Old Joe


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