Harakiri (1919) (Fritz Lang)

Harakiri is a silent, black and white film directed by Fritz Lang released in 1919. The inter-titles are in Dutch, however an English subtitle file (srt format) is muxed into the original mkv, and available separately as well. The subtitle source is unknown. The source appears to be a VHS, the audio source and copyright is unknown. Quality is not the best, please upgrade if you have a better source! It is recommended you download the original mkv file and play it in VLC Player. IMDB Link Wikipedia Link ~ ~ ~ For free electronic music, check out Karakasa Music!

Harakiri, or Madame Butterfly, is a 1919 in film silent film directed in Germany by Fritz Lang. It was one of the first Japanese-themed films depicting Japanese culture. The film was originally released in the United States and other countries as Madame Butterfly because of the Madame Butterfly (short story) on which it is based and which also inspired Giacomo Puccini's eponymous Madame Butterfly. The film starred Lil Dagover as O-Take-san.


Nagasaki, Japan at the turn of the 20th century. Daimyo Tokujawa comes back to Japan after being an ambassador in Europe. A Buddhist monk wants Tokujawa's daughter O-Take-San to become a priestess of Buddha. In order to have her at his mercy, the monk sends the Emperor of Japan a letter accusing the daimyo of conspiring against him. As a result, the mikado sends the daimyo a sword with which he commits suicide. The monk abducts O-Take-San but one of the Temple's servants let her escape and sends her to a tea-house where she becomes a geisha. A Danish naval officer, Olaf Anderson falls in love with her and marries her for 999 days, in accordance with Japanese custom. Shortly afterwards, Olaf Anderson goes back to his country and O-Take-San gives birth to his son. She uses proposals to be married to Prince Matahari because she considers herself still married to Olaf. After four years, when her marriage with Olaf has expired and her son is going to be taken by the state, Olaf comes back to Nagasaki. He is now married and when is wife learns about O-Take-San's story, she goes to see her to say that she is willing to take care of her son. O-Take-San is desperate to see that Olaf has not even come to see her and answers that she will give her son only to Olaf in person. While Olaf's wife tries to convince him to come to O-Take-San's house, O-Take-San commits harakiri with her father's sword.<>Review, synopsis and link to watch the film: </>

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