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Grave of the Vampire

William Smith tracks down his father, a vampire who raped his mother. The IMDB entry is here.

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Grave of the Vampire is a 1972<></> American horror film directed by John Hayes (director).
The film is also known as Seed of Terror (American reissue title).


Several years after his death by electrocution in the late 1930s, ghoulish rapist/murderer Caleb Croft (Michael Pataki) rises from his crypt and brutally assaults young Leslie Hollander (Kitty Vallacher). Leslie becomes pregnant by Croft and delivers a baby boy, whom she nurses with bottles of blood. The child matures into the ruggedly handsome James Eastman (William Smith), who sets out on a mission to find and kill his diabolical father. Eastman enrolls in a college night course that his father is teaching as Professor Lockwood. Following a séance hosted by the professor for his students, James confronts his father in a showdown between good and evil.


  • William Smith (actor) as James Eastman
  • Michael Pataki as Caleb Croft
  • Lyn Peters as Anne Arthur
  • Diane Holden as Anita Jacoby
  • Lieux Dressler as Olga
  • Eric Mason as Lieutenant Panzer
  • Jay Adler as Old Zack
  • Jay Scott as Paul
  • William Guhl as Sergeant Duffy
  • Margaret Fairchild as Miss Fenwick
  • Carmen Argenziano as Sam
  • Frank Whiteman
  • Abbi Henderson as Carol Moskowitz
  • Inga Neilsen
  • Lindis Guinness
  • Kitty Vallacher as The Unwilling Mother


Grave of the Vampire was made on an estimated budget of $50,000.<></>

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