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Good Morning, Boys


Benjamin Twist {Will Hay} is a different kind of schoolteacher, he teaches the pupils very little of worth. That is except gambling and bluffing a way thru life. When grumpy Colonel Willoughby-Gore (Peter Gawthorne) visits the class, he is mortified to find the boys have learnt next to nothing of value in Twist's class. Seeking to get Twist fired, Gore calls on the school board to fire him. But wanting to be fair, the board suggest that Twist and eight of is class enter the inter-school examinations in London. Where, if they make the grade, Twist will save his job.

Good Morning, Boys is a 1937 British comedy film directed by Marcel Varnel and featuring Will Hay, Martita Hunt, Lilli Palmer and Peter Gawthorne. It was made at the Gainsborough Studios in Islington.</>


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