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When Captain Casey Reardon (played by Harry Guardino) learns that notorious gangster boss Enzo Cortino (Paul Stevens) possesses a secret ledger which could potentially be used to bring him to justice and said ledger is supposedly within the possession of his girlfriend Helena Varga (Louise Sorel), Reardon sends a brash but known for getting results, spirited and spunky young black female detective named Christie Love (Teresa Graves) on undercover assignment hoping she will be able to get to the heart of what makes Helena Varga tick so Ms. Varga will be convinced to co-operate and with her aid and possibly that of Cortino's "ledger", the police will finally be able to bring down Enzo Cortino once and for all.

Get Christie Love! is a 1974 television movie starring Teresa Graves as an undercover female police detective who is determined to overthrow a drug ring. This film is based on Dorothy Uhnak crime-Thriller (genre) novel, The Ledger. However, the main character "Christie Opara"—a white, New York Police detective—was dropped completely and "Christie Love" emerged.
Det. Olga Ford of the NYPD served as the series Technical Advisor.<></>


The film was inspired by the 1970s heroine blaxploitation films such as Tamara Dobson's Cleopatra Jones (1973), and Pam Grier's Coffy (1973) and Foxy Brown (1974 film) (1974). The title character even had a catchphrase; upon apprehending a criminal, Love would declare, "you're under arrest, Sugah!" The film proved a big success, and consequently spawned a short-lived television series on the ABC network featuring Charles Cioffi as Love's supervisor Matt Reardon and Jack Kelly (actor) as Lt. Ryan, the next supervisor. However, the series, financed on a meager budget and heavily sanitized to conform to Teresa Graves religious morals (she had become one of Jehovah's Witnesses since the making of the TV film), was eventually cancelled. One episode featured many of Teresa Graves former Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In co-stars such as Judy Carne, Jo Anne Worley and Arte Johnson in particular playing a mad bomber. Another notable guest star was Jaclyn Smith, who appeared in an episode entitled "A Fashion Heist."


  • Teresa Graves — Christie Love
  • Charles Cioffi - Lieutenant Matt Reardon
  • Harry Guardino — Captain Casey Reardon
  • Jack Kelly - Captain Arthur Ryan
  • Louise Sorel — Helena Varga
  • Paul Stevens (actor) — Enzo Cortino
  • Ron Rifkin — Normand
  • Lynne Holmes — Celia Jackson
  • Lee Paul — Max Loomis
  • Titos Vandis — Spiliolis
  • Tracey Roberts — Gwen Fenley
  • William Hansen (actor) — Dr. Shepard
  • Andy Romano — Sergeant Seymour Greenberg
  • Davis Roberts — Myron Jones
  • Bill Henderson (actor) — Sergeant Stoner Martin
  • Deborah Dozier — Amy
  • Darlene Conley — Virginia

Episode list

=Season One (1974–1975)=

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|ShortSummary=Teresa Graves stars as a police detective who tries to get the goods on a huge drug empire.

|ShortSummary=Christie infitrates an international robbery ring and tries to find the top man.

|ShortSummary=A criminal accuses Christie and her partner of accepting a bribe.

|ShortSummary=Christie poses as a heroin dealer.

|ShortSummary=Christie investigates a murder with a homicide seargent who thinks that women don't belong on the police force.

|ShortSummary=Christie goes undercover to investigate a counterfeiting operation.

|ShortSummary=A mobster tries to blackmail Det. Caruso.

|ShortSummary=Two Mexican farm workers are accused of murdering a police officer, but Christie thinks otherwise.

|ShortSummary=Christie investigates a murder in the company of a journalist, unaware that he is the killer she seeks.

|ShortSummary=Christie poses as a singer in order to investigate a record company owner.

|ShortSummary=A hit man, supposedly killed in an auto accident, is alive and has been hired to kill Det. Belmont.

|ShortSummary=A deranged police academy dropout is executing criminals.

|ShortSummary=Christie goes undercover at a flying school.
NOTE: This episode features the last appearance of Charles Cioffi as Lt. Matt Reardon in the series.

|ShortSummary=Christie takes on two jobs at once.
NOTE: This episode features the first appearance of Jack Kelly as Capt. Arthur Ryan in the series.

|ShortSummary=A 12-year-old boy is inadvertently drawn into his older brother's blackmail scheme.

|ShortSummary=Christie goes undercover as a stewardess.

|ShortSummary=Christie goes after a bomber who gives clues to his intended targets in tape-recorded rhymes.

|ShortSummary=Christie tries to help a childhood friend.

|ShortSummary=$250,000 in prize money from a tennis match is stolen.

|ShortSummary=A charter service is suspected of being involved in smuggling and murder.

|ShortSummary=A diamond thief proves difficult to catch.

|ShortSummary=Sgt. Gallagher's Uncle Harry causes problems.

|ShortSummary=Christie's new neighbor is in danger.
NOTE: This Episode is the final episode of the series.

In Syndication

The series has aired in the U.S. on the cable network TV Land in 1997 and on Centric in 2014 as part of the show's 40th Anniversary.

Cultural erences

  • In a scene in Quentin Tarantino's 1992 film, Reservoir Dogs, the characters Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi), Mr. White (Harvey Keitel), Mr. Orange (Tim Roth), and "Nice Guy" Eddie Cabot (Chris Penn), engage in a brief discussion regarding Get Christie Love!.
  • In the 2002 Austin Powers (film series) movie Goldmember, the character Foxxy Cleopatra uses the famous phrase, "You're under arrest, Sugah!"

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