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Gangs, Inc. (1941)

When she was a little girl, she saw her father gunned down right in front of her. When she got older, she was tricked into taking the rap for a hit-and-run committed by her boyfriend. The experience left her bitter and so she puts her efforts into becoming a crime-boss. AKA "Paper Bullets".

Paper Bullets is a 1941 American film directed by Phil Rosen and produced by the King Brothers Productions.

Plot summary


  • Joan Woodbury as Rita Adams
  • Jack La Rue as Mickey Roman
  • Linda Ware as Donna Andrews
  • John Archer (actor) as Bob Elliott
  • Vince Barnett as Scribbler, a petty forger
  • Alan Ladd as Jimmy Kelly aka Bill Dugan
  • Gavin Gordon (actor) as Kurt Parrish
  • Phillip Trent as Harold DeWitt
  • William Halligan (actor) as Police Chief Flynn
  • George Pembroke as Clarence DeWitt
  • Selmer Jackson as District Attorney
  • Kenneth Harlan as Jim Adams
  • Bryant Washburn as Attorney Bruce King
  • Alden "Stephen" Chase as Detective Joe Kent
  • Robert Strange (actor) as Lou Wood
  • Alex Callam as Joe Fagan
  • Harry Depp as Johnny Mason


  • "I Know, I Know" (by Vic Knight, Johnny Lange and Lew Porter)
  • "Blue Is the Day" (by Maurice Kozinsky, Johnny Lange and Lew Porter)

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