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From IMDb: Young Rita Adams is orphaned when her criminal father is gunned down by other gang members. She ends up in an orphanage where she is befriended by fellow orphans Bob Elliot and Mickey Roma. As an adult, she is conned into taking blame for a hit-and-run accident by her rich but alcoholic fiance, who subsequently abandons her. She emerges from prison a hardened criminal who turns to armed robbery and eventually rises through blackmail to a position of power in the local crime organization. She uses her ill-gained profits to build a playground for the orphanage, and after she is successfully prosecuted for racketeering through the testimony of undercover cop Jim Kelly, childhood sweetheart Bob Elliot vows to be waiting for her when she gets out. Stars: Alan Ladd, Joan Woodbury and Jack LaRue This movie can also be found here.

Paper Bullets is a 1941 American film directed by Phil Rosen and produced by the King Brothers Productions.

Plot summary


  • Joan Woodbury as Rita Adams
  • Jack La Rue as Mickey Roman
  • Linda Ware as Donna Andrews
  • John Archer (actor) as Bob Elliott
  • Vince Barnett as Scribbler, a petty forger
  • Alan Ladd as Jimmy Kelly aka Bill Dugan
  • Gavin Gordon (actor) as Kurt Parrish
  • Phillip Trent as Harold DeWitt
  • William Halligan (actor) as Police Chief Flynn
  • George Pembroke as Clarence DeWitt
  • Selmer Jackson as District Attorney
  • Kenneth Harlan as Jim Adams
  • Bryant Washburn as Attorney Bruce King
  • Alden "Stephen" Chase as Detective Joe Kent
  • Robert Strange (actor) as Lou Wood
  • Alex Callam as Joe Fagan
  • Harry Depp as Johnny Mason


  • "I Know, I Know" (by Vic Knight, Johnny Lange and Lew Porter)
  • "Blue Is the Day" (by Maurice Kozinsky, Johnny Lange and Lew Porter)

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