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Framed is an 1930 in film American Crime film Action film film, directed by George Archainbaud, based on a screenplay by Paul Schofield (screenwriter) and Wallace Smith (screenwriter). It starred Evelyn Brent, William Holden (no relation to the Oscar winning actor, William Holden), Regis Toomey, and Ralf Harolde.

Plot summary

When Rose Manning's father is killed during a robbery by Inspector McArthur, Manning vows to avenge his death. Five years elapse, and Rose is now the owner of a nightclub, and her liquor supplier, the bootlegger Chuck Gaines is interested in her. Still plotting her revenge, she meets Jimmy McArthur, who she does not realize is the son of the inspector. Spurning Gaines' advances, Rose becomes romantically involved with Jimmy. Her motivations waver as her emotional attachment to the young McArthur grows, until her relationship takes precedence over her revenge. Chuck, jealous of the growing relationship between Rose and Jimmy, plots with his cohort, Bing Murdock, to murder both the inspector and his son. Uncovering the plan, Rose is attempting to warn Jimmy, when his father raids her club. In the ensuing chaos, Jimmy kills Gaines in order to protect Rose, after Gaines attacked her in a fit of jealous rage. When the inspector finally realizes that what Rose and Jimmy have is real affection for one another, he removes any objections over their relationship.


  • Evelyn Brent - Rose Manning
  • Regis Toomey - Jimmy McArthur
  • Ralf Harolde - Chuck Gaines
  • William Holden - Inspector 'Butch' McArthur
  • Maurice Black - Bing Murdock
  • Robert Emmett O'Connor - Sergeant Schultze
  • Eddie Kane - Headwaiter
  • Frank Mills (American actor) - Frank, Waiter (uncredited)

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