Forlorn River


Visiting an old friend, Nevada (Buster Crabbe) and sidekick Weary (Syd Saylor) take jobs on a ranch rounding up horses. But the buyer turns out to be Les Setter (Harvey Stephens), a man Nevada earlier caught robbing a bank. Nevada knows Setter is a fake but bides his time waiting for Setter to make his move. Setter knows this and Nevada soon finds himself in jail when Setter frames him for rustling.

Forlorn River is a 1937 American film directed by Charles Barton (director) and starring Buster Crabbe, June Martel, and Harvey Stephens. Based on the novel by Zane Grey, the film is about a cowboy name Nevada who takes a job on a ranch rounding up horses. He comes into conflict with a powerful cattleman andformer bankrobber.


  • Buster Crabbe as Jim Lacey aka Nevada
  • June Martel as Ina Blaine
  • Harvey Stephens as Les Setter
  • John Patterson (actor) as Ben Ide
  • Syd Saylor as "Weary" Pierce
  • William Duncan (actor) as Blaine
  • Ray Bennett as Henchman Bill
  • Ruth Warren as Millie the cook
  • Lew Kelly as Sheriff Jim Henry
  • Chester Conklin as Sheriff Alec Grundy
  • Barlowe Borland as "Dad", the Bank Cashier
  • Larry Lawrence as Ed
  • Lee Powell (actor) as Henchman Duke
  • Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian as Sam

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