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Fit for a King


Joe E. Brown play Virgil Ambrose Jeremiah Christopher 'Scoop' Jones a budding newspaper man who gets into trouble with assassins and royalty.

Fit for a King is a 1937 American film starring Joe E. Brown and directed by Edward Sedgwick.

Plot summary

Newspaper reporter "Scoop (term)" (Brown) is sent out on assignment, to investigate the failed assassination attempts on Archduke Julio (Harry Davenport (actor)).
Trying to get the story, he runs into Jane Hamilton (Helen Mack) who is really Princess Helen. He doesn't realize that she is the story: a princess in exile, in danger of assassination; and, falling in love with "Scoops", while engaged to a prince.
The film ends with a wild chase and a shootout with machine guns. The question is, who will survive to tell the tale?


  • Joe E. Brown (comedian) as Virgil Ambrose Jeremiah Christopher 'Scoop' Jones
  • Helen Mack as Jane Hamilton / Princess Helen
  • Paul Kelly (actor) as Briggs
  • Harry Davenport (actor) as Archduke Julio
  • Halliwell Hobbes as Count Strunsky
  • John Qualen as Otto
  • Donald Briggs as Prince Michael
  • Frank Reicher as Kurtz
  • Russell Hicks (actor) as Editor Hardwick
  • Charles Trowbridge as Mr. Marshall
  • John Graham Spacey as Constable


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