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First Spaceship on Venus


A spaceship on a mission to Venus uncovers an increasingly sinister secret. You can find out more about this film on its IMDB page.

First Spaceship on Venus, German: Der schweigende Stern (en: The Silent Star), Polish: Milcząca Gwiazda, is a 1960 East Germany/People's Republic of Poland science fiction film directed by Kurt Maetzig and based on the novel The Astronauts by Stanisław Lem. The film is also known as Planet of the Dead, Silent Star, and Spaceship Venus Does Not Reply.
A much-shortened 1962 Crown International Pictures English Dubbing (filmmaking) release in the USA used the name First Spaceship on Venus where it was Double feature with Varan the Unbelievable.
Lem was extremely critical about the movie.</> It sold 4,375,094 tickets in the country after being released to cinemas.</>

In other media

In 1980, a short sequence of First Spaceship on Venus was used as "film-in-film" in the film Galaxina.
In 1990, the film was featured in the second season of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It was released on DVD in 2008 by Shout! Factory as part of the "MST3K 20th Anniversary Edition" collection.
In 2007, the film was shown on the horror hosted television series Cinema Insomnia.< name="Cinema Insomnia"></> Apprehensive Films later released the Cinema Insomnia episode onto DVD.< name="First Spaceship on Venus DVD"></>

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