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Fatal Hour


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The Fatal Hour is a 1940 American thriller/ crime drama film. It was directed by William Nigh, and starred Boris Karloff as Mr. Wong (James Lee Wong), Grant Withers, and Marjorie Reynolds.
The film is also known as Mr. Wong at Headquarters in the United Kingdom. It was followed by the sequel Doomed to Die.


  • Boris Karloff - James Lee Wong
  • Grant Withers - Capt. Bill Street
  • Marjorie Reynolds - Roberta 'Bobbie' Logan
  • Charles Trowbridge - John T. Forbes
  • Frank Puglia - Harry 'Hardway' Lockett
  • Craig Reynolds (actor) - Frank Belden, Jr.
  • Lita Chevret - Tanya Serova
  • Harry Strang - Det. Ballard
  • Hooper Atchley - Frank Belden Sr.
  • Jason Robards, Sr. - Griswold (as Jason Robards)
  • Richard Loo - Jeweler
  • Jack Kennedy - Mike, Police Sergeant

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