Down the Wyoming Trail


Tex Yancey (Tex Ritter) arrives on the Parker ranch on Christmas eve and is given the job of being Santa Claus. Also dressed as Santa Claus, Blackie (Bob Terry) robs Parker and kills a man. When Tex is arrested for the murder, he escapes and joins up with outlaw Becker (Charles King) and his gang. He finds Blackie's Santa Claus suit but is soon made a prisoner.

Down the Wyoming Trail is a 1939 American film directed by Albert Herman.

Plot summary


  • Tex Ritter as Tex Yancey
  • White Flash as Tex's Horse
  • Mary Brodel as Candy Parker
  • Bobby Larson as Jerry Parker
  • Charles King (actor) as George "Red" Becker
  • Bob Terry as Blackie
  • Horace Murphy as Sheriff Missouri
  • Jack Ingram as Henchman Monte
  • Earl Douglas as Henchman "Silent" Smith
  • Frank LaRue as McClellan
  • Ernie Adams (actor) as Limpy Watkins
  • Charles Sargent as Ted Kern
  • Edward Coxen as Whiskers
  • Jean Sothern as Waitress Hilda
  • Victor Potel as Slim
  • The Northwesterners as Musicians
  • Merle Scobee as Northwesterners Band Member
  • A.J. Brier as Northwesterners Band Member
  • Wilson F. Rasch as Northwesterners Band Member
  • Ray Scobee as Northwesterners Band Member
  • Charles L. Davis as Northwesterners Band Member


  • Tex Ritter - "It Makes No Difference Now" (Written by Jimmie Davis and Floyd Tillman)
  • Tex Ritter - "In Elk Valley" (Written by Johnny Lange and Lew Porter)
  • Tex Ritter - "Goin' Back to Texas" (Written by Carson Robison)
  • "Silent Night"
  • "Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem"
  • "He Looks so Peaceful Now"
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