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Devil Diamond


A group of thugs tries to steal the cursed title gem from a jeweler who has been hired to cut it into small, saleable pieces. You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.

The Devil Diamond is a 1937 American film directed by Leslie Goodwins.
The film is also known as Peter B. Kyne's The Devil Diamond (American complete title).

Plot summary


  • Frankie Darro as Lee
  • Kane Richmond as Jerry Carter
  • June Gale as Dorothy Lanning
  • Rosita Butler as Yvonne Wallace
  • Robert Fiske (actor) as 'Professor' John Henry Morgan, alias Moreland
  • Charles Prince as Henchman Al
  • Edward Earle as Arthur Stevens
  • Fern Emmett as Miss Wallace
  • Byron Foulger as Ole—Houseboy
  • George Cleveland as George Davis
  • Burr Caruth as Peter Lanning
  • Jack Ingram (actor) as Chuck—Thug
  • Frank McCarroll as Henchman Shorty


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