Desert Victory


A featureless land fit only for war, as the narrator, J. L. Hodson stated in the early scenes. "If war was to be fought then let it begin here". In endless miles of rock-strewn scrub desert, where civilians hardly existed. Desert Victory tells the story of the Allied campaign to drive Germany and Italy from North Africa is analysed, with the major portion of the film examining the battles at El Alamein, including some re-enactment

Desert Victory is a 1943 film produced by the British Ministry of Information (United Kingdom), documenting the Allies' North African campaign against Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and the Afrika Korps. This documentary traces the struggle between General Erwin Rommel and Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, from the German's defeat at El Alamein to Tripoli. Like the famous "Why We Fight" series of films by Frank Capra, Desert Victory relies heavily on captured German newsreel footage. Many of the most famous sequences in the film have been excerpted and appear with frequency in History (U.S. TV channel) and A&E Television Networks productions.
The film was produced by David MacDonald (director), and directed by Roy Boulting who also directed Tunisian Victory and Burma Victory.
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This film won a special Academy Award in 1943.
The 1951 film The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel relied heavily on this production for its battle footage.

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