Days of Jesse James


Roy Rogers has been sent to bring in Jesse James. After Wyatt's bank is robbed and Jesse is blamed, Roy is able to work himself into Jesse's gang. Learning that Jesse does not have the banks money, Roy realizes Wyatt robbed his own bank posing as Jesse. Roy now sets a trap for Wyatt that he hopes will recover the money.

Days of Jesse James is a 1939 United States film directed by Joseph Kane and starring Roy Rogers.


  • Roy Rogers as Roy Rogers
  • George 'Gabby' Hayes as Gabby Whittaker
  • Don 'Red' Barry as Jesse James
  • Pauline Moore as Mary Whittaker
  • Harry Woods (actor) as Captain Worthington
  • Arthur Loft as Sam Wyatt
  • Wade Boteler as Dr. R.S. Samuels
  • Ethel Wales as Mrs. Martha Samuels
  • Scotty Beckett as Buster Samuels
  • Harry Worth (actor) as Frank James
  • Glenn Strange as Cole Younger
  • Olin Howland as Muncie Undersheriff
  • Monte Blue as Train Passenger
  • Jack Rockwell as Thompson McDaniels
  • Fred Burns (actor) as Muncie Sheriff


  • Roy Rogers - "I'm a Son of a Cowboy" (Music and lyrics by Peter Tinturin)
  • Roy Rogers - "Saddle Your Dreams" (Music and lyrics by Peter Tinturin)
  • Roy Rogers - "Echo Mountain" (Music and lyrics by Peter Tinturin)

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