Colonel Effingham's Raid


Taken from IMDB: The story takes place in 1940. On the eve of America's entry in World War II, a colonel retired to his small Southern town, and discovers that there is a plan afoot to tear down Confederate Monument Square. He begins a campaign to rally the townspeople to save the square.

Colonel Effingham's Raid (UK title: Man of the Hour) is a 1946 comedy film made by 20th Century Fox, directed by Irving Pichel. It is also known as Berry Fleming's Colonel Effingham's Raid, Everything's Peaches Down in Georgia and Rebel Yell. The screenplay was written by Kathryn Scola, based on a 1943 novel by Berry Fleming. The music score is by Cyril J. Mockridge. The film stars Charles Coburn, Joan Bennett, William Eythe, Allyn Joslyn and Elizabeth Patterson (actress). The plot involves a retired career Army colonel who returns to his hometown, starts writing a column in a local newspaper and takes on the corrupt local politicians to not replace the historic county courthouse.
Fleming based his novel on the Cracker Party and political corruption in Richmond County, Georgia.


File:Joan Bennett in Colonel Effingham's Raid crop.jpg
  • Charles Coburn as Col. Will Seaborn Effingham
  • Joan Bennett as Ella Sue Dozier
  • William Eythe as Albert 'Al' Marbury
  • Allyn Joslyn as Earl Hoats
  • Elizabeth Patterson (actress) as Cousin Emma
  • Donald Meek as Doc Buden
  • Frank Craven as Dewey
  • Thurston Hall as Ed, the Mayor
  • Cora Witherspoon as Mrs. Clara Meigs
  • Emory Parnell as Joe Alsobrook
  • Henry Armetta as Jimmy Economy
  • Stephen Dunne (actor) as Prof. Edward 'Ed' Bland
  • Roy Roberts as Army Capt. Rampey


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